Fertilizing And Insect Control For Trees And Lawns In North Texas

a healthy green lawn and a landscaped yard

Have you ever looked at your lawn and noticed how it wasn’t quite as good as you imagined? The grass isn’t as green. The trees aren’t as nice, and there are more insects than flowers!

We know your pain. An unhealthy lawn can ruin the aesthetics of your entire home, so finding a way to adequately fertilize your lawn and protect it from the lawn pests and insects that could harm it is essential.

Pest control in North Texas doesn’t have to be bad for you. There is a company, Shoop’s Texas Termite & Pest Control, who can help with that lawn problem of yours. And give you the most important thing anyone can have: a good-looking lawn.

Why Fertilize? The Key To A Green Lawn

Why do you have to fertilize your lawn? Why is it so important to lawn service?

The quality of your lawn is heavily dependent on the soil quality. If you want lush, green grass, you need to address the soil underneath it first. The primary way to start off your lawn with a foundation it can grow on is by providing it with adequate fertilizer.

Fertilizer promotes new leaf and root growth, which enables your lawn to stay healthy. A healthy lawn is a fertilized lawn. Simply put, your lawn won’t look as good without fertilizer.

Many yards and ornamentals require specific types of fertilizer in order to produce healthy foliage. Failure to fertilize your lawn properly will thus result in an unhealthy yard that doesn’t reach its full potential.

The Damage Pests Can Cause To Your Beautiful Lawn

Health isn’t the only thing to think about for your lawn; you also have to consider pests that can overrun your lawn if left unchecked. Certain pests can ruin the quality of your lawn and introduce diseases to the grass that can make it wither and ruin its appearance, which is why effective pest control is an essential part of a complete lawn maintenance program.

Pests can cause the following problems  to your lawn:

  • Bite marks on the grass
  • Holes in the soil
  • Missing roots
  • Brown spots
  • Dead and dying grass patches

In addition to these direct damage indicators, pests are also responsible for spreading a number of lawn diseases including bacterial scorch, blights, hypoxylon cankers, oak wilt, fungal pathogens, and more.

Lawn care services aren’t complete without some mention of local pest control.

Yard & Lawn Pest Control Solutions In North Texas

Now that you know of why you need to fertilize your lawn and the damage that pests can do it, you should be reminded of the guys at Shoop’s Texas Termite & Pest Control.

There is only one true solution to quality pest control: to contact the team at Shoop’s Texas Termite & Pest Control. With their help, you can know that you are dealing with a professional pest control advisor. They can make your lawn look as green as ever. Eliminate the pests on your lawn. And make you feel like you accomplished what you’ve wanted for a long time: to have a great-looking lawn.

Shoop’s Termite & Pest Control offers extensive services for lawn care, ornamental care, tree care, and more, in addition to our traditional pest control services. No matter what pest you’re dealing with or the current status of your lawn, we have the tools to get it back to beautiful in no time.

The longer you go without professional lawn treatment, the more risk you run for developing brown spots and other unsightly problems. Contact the pest and lawn professionals at Shoop’s Termite & Pest Control for expert lawn management services today!