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Stay Ahead Of The Weeds With Pre-Emergent Treatment In North Texas

close up of lawn in home yard

If you want to stay ahead of the weeds around your North Texas yard, then you should be looking into pre-emergent treatments. This vital step in weed control is essential if you want to get ahead of weeds and stop significant problems before they even have a chance to grow.

The Importance And Benefits Of Pre-Emergent Treatment

Many individuals may only start to think about and treat weeds once they’ve grown and become apparent in their yard. It is much more effective and beneficial to begin treating weeds before you can even see them; this is where pre-emergent treatments come in. This treatment helps to destroy weeds that may be growing just out of sight and deter new weeds from growing in your yard; this stops widespread weed problems from taking place and can help you control the overall growth of weeds in your yard.

Best Practices For Pre-Emergent Herbicide Applications

When applying pre-emergent herbicide treatments, there are a couple of optimal practices to follow. Our experts at Shoop's Texas Termite & Pest Control are highly experienced in these treatments and can be relied on to help with your applications.

Application tips for pre-emergent herbicides include:

  • Make sure the application is even, as this ensures your entire lawn is protected.
  • Remember to water your lawn after application because you must water in pre-emergent treatments so they can do their job.
  • Leave your lawn alone as much as possible after application to avoid disturbing the treatment and ruining its efficiency.
  • Engage in routine lawn maintenance to ensure that your lawn is well taken care of and keep weeds from emerging.

Keep in mind that following these best practices ensures your yard gets the treatment it needs with less stress on your shoulders. Contact Shoop's Texas Termite & Pest Control if you have any more questions about treatment application.

Five Best Pre-Emergent Herbicides

There are several pre-emergent herbicides out there that may fulfill your property’s need for weed control. We list the five best types below; keep in mind that each type can have different benefits and target different kinds of weeds. You can consult with Shoop’s Texas Termite & Pest Control professionals to determine which one is best for your weed control needs.

  1. Benefin: This works well on established lawns for controlling broadleaf weeds and grasses.
  2. Prodiamine: Highly popular and great for use on turfgrasses.
  3. Dithiopyr: This is best for killing grassy weeds.
  4. Isoxaben: This is also very helpful in controlling broadleaf weeds.
  5. Trifluralin: Works well around flowerbeds and near vegetable crops.

And remember, if you need help with weed control or other lawn care services, Shoop’s Texas Termite & Pest Control is the best company to call.

Let Us Treat Your Yard And Stop Weeds Before They Start

The lawn care services provided by our experts at Shoop's Texas Termite & Pest Control are sure to help you put a stop to weeds and regain control of your yard. The lawn fertilizer and weed control services we provide work to ensure the soil in your yard is healthy and controls weeds before they even have a chance to start growing and take over your yard.

For lawn services you can rely on, contact our specialists at Shoop's Texas Termite & Pest Control and get your treatment plan underway.