What Your North Texas Lawn Wants You To Know About Weed Control

crab grass in a yard

Many different weeds plague lawns in north Texas. Dandelions, nutsedge, crabgrass, broadleaf plantation, and the clover are just some of the many weeds that can negatively impact grass growth in your yard. Though weeds come in many forms, they all fall under two basic categories: grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds.

Surprisingly, grassy weeds look like grass. Specifically, their leaves look like grass blades. Foxtail and goosegrass are two examples of grassy weeds. On the other hand, broadleaf weeds look more like leafy foliage. These weeds possess broad leaves and are typically found in areas that lack nutrients. 

Why You Should Remove Weeds From Your North Texas Lawn

All weeds are unwanted by definition. You did not ask for them, yet they appear uninvited in your lawn. They are obstinate inhabitants that often require professionals to remove. Weeds are unwanted for a variety of reasons. Beyond damaging your lawn’s aesthetic appeal, they harm it.

Weeds rest the space of your lawn while siphoning water and nutrients from it. Additionally, weeds reduce air circulation for other plants. They compete with other plants for the finite resources to survive. A few weeds are not a detriment to your lawn’s health. However, weeds tend to multiply quickly. And if you fail to proactively address your weed infestation, this could lead to a larger weed infestation, siphoning the water, air, and nutrients from your lawn.

Preventing Weeds From Growing In Your Yard

It is important to note that the best preventative measure for weeds is to maintain a healthy lawn through regular fertilization, watering, and mowing. Once a large weed infestation has occurred, however, mowing and fertilization can do little. Preemergent herbicides can also prevent weed infestations, but more on them later. 

Ways To Remove Weeds From Your North Texas Yard

If you start to see weeds popping up in your yard, you will likely want to get rid of them. Here are some ways to take care of weeds on your own:

  • Non-Herbicidal Methods: Hand-pulling can effectively remove weeds. Pull from the base of the weed to remove the roots along with the weed. Make sure to kneel while doing this, as crouching for long periods of time can put wear and tear on your back.
  • A Hoe: If you're dealing with weeds in your garden or a flower bed, you may consider using a hoe. A hoe will likely be necessary for a larger garden. Make sure to trim off weeds just below the soil’s surface, as many vegetable roots are near the soil’s surface.
  • Manual-powered Rotary Cultivator: If the soil is not too wet or dry, manual-powered rotary cultivators can also effectively remove weeds.
  • Hook Neck: A hook neck tool can be effective in scraping out weeds. 
  • Mulches: Mulches control weeds by preventing sunlight from reaching the soil. Because weeds need light to survive, this can be an effective method for weed removal.

If these DIY methods aren't doing the trick, you may consider using herbicides to expedite the removal process. Different herbicides have different uses. Pre-emergent and Post-emergent are the two basic categories for herbicides.  Pre-emergent Herbicides control weeds as they germinate in the soil, while post-emergent herbicides control weeds after they have already reached the surface of your lawn.

Shoop's Texas Termite & Pest Control Can Keep Your Lawn Beautiful

If you have a weed infestation or you're aiming to maintain a perfect lawn, our experts at Shoop’s Texas Termite and Pest Control offer exceptional lawn care services. We've been around since 1932, providing excellent services in the realm of pest control and lawn care to the people of North Texas. Our company has carried on a legacy of quality service and goodwill throughout the generations.

Weeds depreciate the aesthetic value of your lawn. They siphon water, air, and nutrients. They are obstinate, resistant to your attempts to remove them. So, if you feel your weed infestation has become insurmountable or you feel uncertain, you possess the knowledge to deal with it; call in the experts at Shoop’s Texas Termite and Pest Control.

Dealing with this on your own could risk damaging your lawn. Let the professionals handle your pesky weed infestation. Reach out to us today to learn more about our lawn care services. We also offer residential pest control and commercial pest management services.