Should I Be Worried About Rodents In North Texas?

rodent in leaves

After one of the hottest summers most people can remember, many welcome the fall season and its cooler weather. But as temperatures creep lower, rodents start looking for shelter, food, and water, and they often find everything they are searching for in local homes. This article will help you learn everything you need to keep rodents out of your house.

We'll start by describing the most common rodent invaders we find in homes and explain what factors attract them and how they get inside. We'll also provide effective tips to help you keep rodents away. Learn how to achieve successful rodent control on your North Texas property with the experts from Shoop's Texas Termite & Pest Control.

Common Rodent Invaders Found Around North Texas Homes

Identifying the type of rodents you have is the first step in controlling them. The following list describes the most common rodents in North Texas that invade homes in our area:

  • Norway rats have long, stocky bodies with coarse brown coats interspersed with black hair, a blunt muzzle, and small eyes and ears.
  • Roof rats have long, thin bodies, soft brown fur intermixed with black spots, and large ears and eyes.
  • House mice are dusty gray with cream-colored undersides, round bodies, large ears, and a pointed muzzle.

You will likely see signs of these pests before you see the rodents themselves. Look for droppings on the floor or in cabinets, damaged food packages, gnaw marks, or greasy rub marks along walls. Contact us at Shoop's Texas Termite & Pest Control at the first signs of the pests for help getting rid of them and preventing another infestation.

How Rodents Get Inside And What Attracts Them

Rodents are clever critters, and if there is a way inside your home, they are sure to find it. Rodents in the attic often get inside through vent openings, chimneys, or windows that don't seal properly. Holes as small as a quarter of an inch around are enough for some rodents to get through, and they will take advantage of loose mortar in the foundation or squeeze past windows that lack weatherstripping to get into your home. 

Any access to food in your yard will attract them, including fallen fruit, pet food left outdoors, or trash they can get into. Any source of water will also lead these pests to your home. For help getting rid of rodents on your property, contact us today at Shoop's Texas Termite & Pest Control.

Effective Rodent Prevention Tips For North Texas Homeowners

Rodent prevention can take some work, but it is worth the effort. Here are some of our best tips for keeping these troublesome pests away from your home:

  • Carefully inspect the exterior of your home for holes or gaps and seal them using caulk or steel wool.
  • Screen vents, cover chimney openings, and install door sweeps on exterior doors. 
  • Ensure attics and crawl spaces have adequate ventilation or install a dehumidifier.
  • Take the trash out frequently and store it in containers with tight lids.

If these pests become a problem, despite your best efforts, the pros at Shoop's Texas Termite & Pest Control are here to help. Contact us today for assistance in getting rid of these troublesome rodents.

The Best Way To Ensure Rodents Never Become A Problem Around Your Home

Working with a professional home pest control company that offers rodent control near you is the best way to defend your home against these pests. Contact us today at Shoop's Texas Termite & Pest Control to learn more about our rodent control services or to request a free estimate.