The Best Way To A Healthy North Texas Lawn

big green lawn

Growing a beautiful, healthy lawn in North Texas requires homeowners to consider the region's unique environmental conditions. In addition to familiarizing yourself with North Texas pest control, you must keep your grass and soil thriving in all conditions. After all, just because people can take time off doesn't mean lawns can.

At Shoop's Texas Termite & Pest Control, we help our customers get and keep their lawns in tip-top shape with comprehensive lawn care services. In this post, we've outlined common lawn care steps that often get overlooked. Follow these tips if you want the best lawn possible all year.

Lawn Care Is A Year-Round Task In North Texas

When the North Texas cold season sets in during late November, lawns, and gardens experience slow growth. Homeowners who observe this, or those who think that lawn care in winter is pointless or impossible, treat this time of year like an off-season. But taking a vacation from your lawn care maintenance is a big mistake. 

The climate of North Texas means you can (and should) carry out regular lawn maintenance all year around (outside of extreme temperatures and weather events, of course). Nearly everything you do during warmer seasons still serves a purpose in winter. If you ignore your lawn in winter, it can hurt its growth the following year.

For example, though your grass won't grow as high as usual, lawn mowing maintenance clears the surface of debris, helping it get adequate sun and water needed to stay healthy. In addition, fertilizing and watering your lawn through winter will prevent excessive damage and keep your lawn maintenance cost low. You're doing these things to support your lawn's health rather than to keep a bright and cheery appearance. 

Don't let appearances fool you; your lawn still needs attention during those bitterly cold months. Let the pros at Shoop's Texas Termite & Pest Control show you everything you can (and should) do to keep your lawn healthy when things get chilly.

Types Of Diseases That Plague North Texas Lawns

The number of lawn diseases that affect North Texas is truly staggering. Some quickly reveal themselves if you know what signs to look for, but others are only apparent after they take hold. Here are some of the more damaging examples: 

  • Snow Mold: High-moisture winters can weaken your grass and promote fungus growth. What starts as discolored flecks spotting your lawn evolves into swaths of fungus, killing large patches of grass.
  • Pythium Blight: This disease favors hot and damp conditions, starting as black dots on blades of grass. They quickly grow, covering the length of afflicted blades, absorbing moisture until the roots have died, leaving dark patches throughout your lawn.
  • Fairy Ring: Behind the whimsical name is a strange fungus growing in circular patterns, killing grass as it does so. Mushrooms appear along the outer edges and contain spores that send the disease to the farthest reaches of your lawn if not dealt with quickly.

Some insects can spread disease to your lawn as well. For this reason and others, we look inside and outside your home during pest inspections.

Healthy Soil Is Crucial To A Healthy Lawn

"How much does lawn maintenance cost?" is a common question North Texas homeowners ask. While it's possible to price materials and labor, the truth is this; costs fluctuate with the health of your lawn. So, you can't afford to overlook the soil if you want to support a healthy lawn while keeping maintenance costs low.

Feeding your grass helps fight harsh conditions and pests, but only if the soil is in good condition. Check to see how deeply water penetrates the surface. If it doesn't soak through the top six inches at least, a commercial lawn maintenance professional can diagnose the issue and help you get it back in shape.

Soil is the literal foundation of your lawn, so don't overlook it in your care plan. We certainly don't! That's why we utilize a diagnostics lab and consulting when checking for soil problems. That way, we'll catch problems that otherwise are difficult to spot.

Professional Lawn Care Is A Smart Idea For North Texas Lawns

Year-round work is necessary to keep your lawn in good health. It's also very time-consuming, especially if you go it alone. For that reason (and many more), getting professional lawn care should be part of your plan.

If you are looking for lawn maintenance companies to lend you a helping hand, look no further than Shoop's Texas and Termite Control. In addition to solving your pest woes, we provide top-notch lawn care services to address every level of its health. Contact us today to learn how we can work with you.