The Key To Your Healthiest Lawn In North Texas

a persons hand on a healthy green lawn

Pest control in North Texas is a challenging task. The climate is perfect for all sorts of critters to thrive both outdoors and indoors. Some animals are practically experts at making their way into our homes, while others prefer the landscaping around the property.

Moles, for example, are far more likely to dig tunnels in a lawn and live there, rather than push their way indoors. Mice and rats, particularly in the colder months, love to make a mass exodus toward any readily-available sources of food and shelter. More often than not, that means our homes.

That’s why good lawn care maintenance is such an important tool in the fight to keep a property free of North Texas pests and other nuisance wildlife. We’ll look at why it’s so important below.

Lawn Care Is A Year-Round Task In North Texas

Many parts of the country present different conditions for homeowners seeking to keep their lawns in top shape.

Good lawn care service in North Texas can be as simple as frequent mowing and following best practices for property maintenance. Dealing with floods, droughts, and everything in-between is a full-time job for homeowners!

Insects and similar animals like spiders and even scorpions are most common in the summer months. During the winter months, mice and rats make a direct line for our homes. There’s no time of year when pests aren’t a threat to homeowners, so utilizing smart landscaping to hamper their numbers is the way to go.

The Many Factors That Can Affect The Health Of Your Lawn

There are a number of factors that contribute to a healthy lawn. First and foremost is probably the one that’s most out of our hands, being the weather and climate. Mother nature has the ultimate say in whether or not enough rainfall or sunlight will be in play in a given year, which can really influence the degree to which vegetation grows, or doesn’t grow.

Homeowners can control a lot of the factors that influence the health of their lawns, however.

Keeping firewood and other debris well away from the home, for example, can keep pests like termites and even larger pests like rodents well away from a property and outdoors where they belong.

Helpful Tips To Aid In The Health Of Your Lawn

We’ve put together a list of tips to help you keep your lawn healthy year-round. This will not only provide a visual benefit, but it’ll go a long way in combatting the arrival of pests or other nuisance wildlife.

We recommend the following:

  • Water your lawn frequently enough to combat drought.
  • Remove sources of standing water, as this attracts wildlife like a magnet!
  • Clean up food spills, even outdoors. Pests of all sorts can smell this and will be attracted to it.
  • Keep firewood and other debris away from your home. Firewood is a major hiding place for insects like termites.

These are just a few fast tips for keeping your North Texas lawn healthy and free from pests. There’s always more to learn!

Professional Lawn Care Is The Best Care For Your Lawn

The best lawn treatment is always a professional one. Professional lawn care services are quite common and established – we’re all familiar with at least one person who offered lawn mowing services as a summer or travel job. This reflects the importance of good property maintenance and lawn care for every homeowner.

Shoop’s Texas Termite & Pest Control is the number one local lawn service, and we’re prepared to help you achieve your dream lawn. Whether you want to transform your property, make your lawn as beautiful as possible, free it from pests and wildlife, or all of the above, get in touch today to get started!