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Lawn & Ornamental Services In Wichita Falls, TX

Lawn & Ornamental Services In Wichita Falls, Texas

Making your lawn and landscaping look good isn’t always as easy as it sounds. A lot of factors go into having a thriving yard, and there’s more to it than simply watering your grass and plants daily and hoping for the right amount of sunshine. If your landscaping looks lackluster, Shoop’s Texas Termite & Pest Control can provide the lawn and ornamental services in Wichita Falls you need. We are dedicated to exceptional lawn care and understand everything that needs to go right for your Wichita Falls lawn and landscaping to be healthy and beautiful.

Our Lawn & Ornamental Services

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Lawn Care

When it comes to having lush, green grass, it all comes down to your soil. If your soil isn’t healthy, your grass won’t be healthy. Our lawn care services focus on making the soil in your lawn as healthy as possible to promote healthy and beautiful grass. We use beneficial fungus and treatments to ensure the health of your soil.

Ornamental Care

If your landscaping, potted plants, shrubs, or the areas between trees are struggling, our ornamental care is for you. At Shoop’s Texas Termite & Pest Control, we have the experience to identify the root cause of ornamental problems and can take the proper steps to address and rectify those problems. 

Many bacterial diseases can affect ornamentals. Some of the common ones are:

  • Bacterial scorch
  • Blights
  • Hypoxylon canker
  • Oak wilt
  • Fungal pathogens
  • And more

Often, the issue with your ornamentals stems from soil that requires specific types of fertilizer treatments to produce healthy foliage. We perform our ornamental services every 45 days to ensure your soil, and thus your ornamentals, are as healthy as possible.

Tree Programs

Your grass and plants are not the only things on your lawn that may struggle with their health. That’s why we offer tree programs for a variety of species. Depending on what species of trees you need service for, we will do anywhere from three to seven applications per year. Each service is timed differently and uses different products to ensure the best results.

As part of our tree program, we’ll educate you on what we’re doing at the beginning of the program. We’ll then offer continuing education through each treatment to keep you informed, and so you know what results to expect. Our tree programs run from February through October every 60 days.

Diagnostics Lab & Consulting Services

At Shoop’s Texas Termite & Pest Control, we want to make all aspects of your life as healthy and safe as possible. Everything in your environment plays a part in your well-being, from the water you drink to the trees that shade your yard. Our diagnostics lab and consulting services enable us to help our customers identify problems that may not otherwise be easily identifiable.

Our services include:

  • Plant pathology
  • Soil analysis
  • Water analysis
  • Microbiology
  • Consulting and remediation

Depending on the service you need, we’ll either come to you to gather a sample or have you bring a sample to us.

Your Property Has Never Looked So Good

When you choose Shoop’s Texas Termite & Pest Control for your lawn and ornamental services, you can be sure that your property will never look as good, but you can also be certain that it will be as healthy as it can be. We are skilled and knowledgeable in what makes for the healthiest soil to grow the healthiest grass, plants, and trees, and we’ve perfected our treatment plans to provide you with the best results. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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